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About DPRA

Keywords: DRPA, Rubber, Plastics, Sector association, EFIDA

Dutch Plastic and Rubber Association is the sector association for related enterprises who are active in the entire business chain for this industry. Most of the affiliated partners are active in the Netherlands, but there are also partners who has important prodcution activities abroad. These activities can be the production of rubber hoses, original equipment manufacturing and end-users as well.

DPRA is working together with partners from Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Switerland, on European level EFIDA (European Federation of Industrial Distributor Associations) is our partner. Important tasks of DPRA are communication and easy-asseciable information that our partners help with their business. It is important that you know what you need, but more importantly is that your supplier knows what you need. The related business partners uses this as their most important aspect of working together. DPRA offers the following information and opportunities. 

  • Sharing and expending of information through various activities suchs as meetings, a own Rubber course and seminars.
  • A combined approach on terms of delivery and coming in contact with important third-party relations. Which might influence the workfield and the branches. 
  • Working together with the "Nederlands Verbond voor de Groothandel" Dutch Wholesalers Alliance and other parties in other countries.

Related site: EFIDA (this site are not owned by DPRA)